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Just Got DP 4.5.....


Active Member
Just installed opened a project put up a few UAD plugs....compensation seems to work, smooth sailing so far....


New Member
so ......?????

I gonna switch to DP 4.5, did you test with the calibration song in DP, what buffer do you use , what's your audio card and so on ... ?


Active Member
I'm using PCI424 and a 2408MK III, 2 Apogee Trak2's G5 Dual 2.5, 4gig RAM w/2 WD Raptor HD. 1024 buffer setting. I used to use DP4 for years switch to Nuendo. The 4.5 release has me checking out DP again. Not sure what you mean about the \"caliblration song\"?

Checked it out with a project I've been working on last week in DP4 about 40 tracks of mono audio, maybe about 4 stereo tracks. Various plugs, automation etc...pretty basic audio project.


New Member
the Calibration song is in the DP folder , it's a simple project with a snare audio, a midi track , use it for setting the buffer and delay record/play between midi and audio.
How do you do to have a G5 dual 2.5 ????? It's impossible to get one in France !!
I use Logic for composing and DP for audio, I'd like to have the quality of both in one . The spacedisigner is really amazing in Logic but the ease of use in DP is really productive ...

I have a G4 dual 1.25 2 gig ram 4 ide drive 120gig 2motu 896hd 2 Uad1 1 powercorefirewire


Active Member
Yeah, I've used that in the past I don't seem to need to calibrate with the new G5.

My dual 2.5 G5 is causing me all sorts of problems...video issues and fan revving, there seems to be quite a number of people with the problem, apple recognizes the problem but has been much less than helpful so far + PCI bus issues with UAD cards are a bit of a bummer. Having said that it's still quite a powerful machine....

If I could do it again with what I know now, I would of stuck with my G4 until the next revision of the G5 2.5 came out. Hopefully a fix will be found. I think I may be out of luck with the PCI issues though.


Active Member
i have a new dual 2.5, also... it's working quite well.. but DP (4.12, 4.5 is on order!!) is taking a huge processor hit with my UAD and powercore firewire... i should scan this board for people with similar problems... but sometimes (not all the time), with the powercore especially, DP's processor meter takes a bit hit when i use a powercore plug in... we're talking processor overloads with 3 tracks of audio and 2 plug ins... on a dual 2.5ghz G5 !!!

something's amiss......

my system:
dual 2.5G5
2.5 gig RAM
MOTU 1224 + PCI 424
powercore firewire
UAD Bundle Month