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just my luck (mackie control)


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You're well within your rights to ask for your money back, due to the faults you're experiencing from a NEW product so soon after purchasing. So you can either:

a) ask for your money back and buy the Pro or
b) pay the difference and as them to order you a Pro instead



im not really sure if i want the pro. the extra money is a LOT as far as i know...just gets me angry.

Eric Dahlberg

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Mackie Control's have that problem pretty commonly, unfortunately. However, there are still enough of the originals around that you shouldn't need to pony up for a Pro, if that's what you're concerned about.


hmm i figured that. I wonder if the pro fixed some of those problems? the faders are apparently the same.

does anyone know the release date and price of it? Im in the uk, im not going to wait if its 3 months but if its like couple weeks away i might save up the extra and get it. i dno....arghhh i hate this stuff lol


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I actually read that they use better faders for the new ones.


i've been reading forums and spoke to someone from mackie and its the same faders but they put more effort into stress tesing now apparently. (which they should of done with the 1st mackie)

Its going to bug me i think knowing iv got the old unit and that its discontinued but i rang mackie today and the new pro mackies wont be available in the uk til july maybe later.

i cant go that long without my mackie. :( Just my luck ay lol


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Just to let you know, replacing the fader is about as simple as changing a stick of ram in your PC. In fact, I have an extra one somewhere. These controllers are not too complicated at all. Pop the top and see for yourself.

I doubt the PRO version will perform significantly better. The good news is that it'll drive the price of the original parts down and I can afford a couple of extenders.


cat5 can you pm me the instructions on how to open it? what screws to take off and what to watch out for etc...

Im going to collect my MCU today (they exchanged it for a brand new one) and if this one goes funny im going to probably just end up opening it to fix it. Waiting a few weeks everytime it goes wrong is VERY frustrating.

Either that or im going back to the shop and demanding my money back or il pay the extra and get the pro. I dont WANT the pro but if this normal MCU doesnt start acting properly soon i dont know what else to do.


got it...took it home. fader 6 broke. out of the box. iv either got VERY bad luck or theres a big batch of shit mcu's.

Either way this is goin back on monday for a refund, im waiting for the pro.
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