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Kjaerhus Gold or Voxengo


Active Member
Anyone compared the Kjaerhus Golden Series to their Voxengo counterparts? What did you think? As a supplement to the UAD-1 collection, which do you like better?
Voxengo may have additional features that set them apart from the Kjaerhus, but I'm not too concerned about that - just the basic nuts and bolt functions of great compression, eq and modulation.

Eddie Macarthur

Active Member
i've got golden modulator which is a very powerful chorus/flnager/tremolo/autopanner. sounds clean. can do the usual stuff well, and when pushed to extremes can do some very unusual stuff.
toreben, the creator of the plugins, dosn't do the aggressive marketing that voxengo do, so his plugins are probably less well known. they are good though.
i'm sure many voxengo users here will speak on behalf of them too!
guess if demos are available, download all you can find and do a direct comaprison on your own material.


New Member
Both are high quality and sweet sounding as far as digital EQ's are concerned.

The Curve EQ has the most useful interface I've ever come across on an eq the frequency monitoring is awsome.

However if I had to pick one It would be the Golden EQ due to the fact that it and the ParPLEQ are theonly digital EQ's I have found that I can bost the signal above the 10khz range at greater than 10db without nastyness or harshness.

The Golden EQ can delciately add air to a mix without it sounding bright which is a task I previously only reserved for my analog outboard EQs


New Member
IMO, The voxengo Marquis compressor is more versatlie than the Kjaerhus golden comp. I found the Marquis compressor at certain settings to resemble that tight punchy sound you get from the SSL e series channel comps.

Funny thing is is that when I told this to Aleksey he included two SSL presets with his latest revisions though his settings were slightly different than mine.

What you won't find with either is a convincing 1176 LA2a emulation. If you are unable to get the UAD plugs, Check out the free Stardust comp at KVR. With this oddbal vst I was able to get a really nice vintage compressor flavor with this plug.
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