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la2a vs. 1176


New Member
I am needing a good Vocal compressor for southern gospel/country vocals only. Right now, I can only do one. Which of these two would fit my need at this time? Thanks.


Active Member
Generally for vocals I would suggest la-2a. Personally, I like the 1176 better, but I do more aggressive music.



The LA-2A is quite popular for vocals, but the 1176 can be just as effective. You mentioned southern gospel/country vocals, have you checked out this months Playback feature, in the May webzine issue?
You can also listen to the mp3, Glory


The winner, Nate Taylor, mixed a gospel track with choir style background vocals using just a touch of eq followed, by the 1176LN. In fact, he uses a lot of 1176LN throughout the mix:

I used the CS-1 Channel Strip to EQ the kick and the 1176LN to squash it hard.
On the bass, my favorite go to plugin, the Pultec EQ with the 1176LN sqaushing it.

On the lead and background vocals I always put the 1176LN after a touch of EQ. They allow the vocals to sit perfectly in the mix.

For reverb, I only use the RealVerb Pro placed on a couple of bus tracks. Usually one short and long one.

Most of the instruments use either the CS-1 Channel Strip for filtering or 1176SE for body.

I have two UAD-1 cards and would not want to mix without them.

Enjoy the mix and thank you guys at UA for a truly amazing product.



Billy Buck
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