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Latency issuses with LogicPro7


New Member

I am new to this forum, so i dont know if this has been discussed (Honest, i did do a search..)
I come fromthe Apple Logic forum where we have determined that there seems to be a difference in the latency of UA plugs in logic depending on which insert or \"slot\" they are instanced from.
Here is what seems to be our combined experience.

With Logic latency compensation set to \"all\"
UA plugs inserted in slot one p[erform with latency corrected properly
(tested against ajacent track with same data no plugin)
insert a 2nd UAD plug into slot 2 (so daisy chained plugs on), Logic will NOT calculate compensation for anything but the first plug on the track.
Having not noticed this in other plugs, we are trying to determine whether this is a Logic or UA issue..

Comments and experiences welcomed..



G5 Dual2.0 3.5 Gig ram 1TB Logic Pro 7.1.1 ; OS X (10.4.2); RME FF800 Tascam US-2400 UAD-1 Unitor MkII Neve 5422 LA-2A Fatso


Active Member
Holy Crow!

You're right!!

UAJames: Any word on this.

Is this a 4.0 thing, a 7.1.1. thing or other?


New Member
Yes I can confirm the same bug / behaviour.......Makes it impossible to work with seperate processing on Amb /overhead mics on drumkits.

Please fix,



Established Member
just curious (I'm a pc guy doubting to switch to mac for the love of logic): if you insert a trackadvance plug first on the buss and set the amount of following uad plugs, does logic compensate correctly?



Universal Audio
UA Official
just so I have this clear, you have 2 audio tracks (playing the same file I imagine, so it's quite obvious if something isn't being compensated) and you put 2 UAD plugins on track one and none on track two and there is now a delay between the two tracks?


New Member

Figured something out....

Once I insert the 2nd UAD plug (on the 2nd instrument, so first instrument has NO uad-plugs)....I hear flam .....BUT if I save the Logic session, quit, and re-open ...VIOLA all is well...

try it guys



New Member
James Cigler,

Yes you got it right.....

I am running DFHS (drums from hell) Playing the snare drum. Aux2 is Snare TOP MIC

AUX3 is Snare Bottom MIC

NO UAD on SN Top Mic
UAD's on SN Bottom Mic ONLY...



New Member
UAJames said:
Interesting...I wonder if this has something to do with multi-channel output VIs. Can anyone else confirm this?
I will do more experimenting.
But i think it is happening in normal audio tracks when instanced from the track insert as well
I have noticed this especially in multi exs output where plugs are inserted into aux tracks, like 8 channel EXS multi drum output with each drum having an aux channel, with EQ, Comp, gate ect.

more to come..



Active Member
does this issue continue after you stop playback and start it again?

with Full PDC on, my system leaps about when i add a plug to an aux or buss, but plays correctly once i restart playback.

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