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Letting my Lunchbox go.. it's time.


Venerated Member
I'm thinking of selling my 11-space OSA LunchBox with 2 OSA MP1-A Vintage pres and 2 API 312 pre. I'm just not into them anymore.
I'm thinking about getting the True Systems 8 channel pre...
It's just so much cleaner and only 1 space... I'm trying to narrow my gear down to Clean and Portable items, sense I've been doing more and more mobile recording. Forgive me, but I still have my UA stuff and I'd like to add something super clean and transparent and ditch my API stuff.....

What are your thoughts...?



Active Member
Yea that lunchbox is worthless man. I doubt you'll find anybody wanting to buy that garbage, but I'll take it off your hands for free (you still have to pay shipping).

Seriously though, Grace Designs make a really nice 8 channel pre that is remote controlled. Not sure how much it goes for, probably around $5k, but I just used one yesterday and it sounded great. Extremely clean sounding with ridiculous headroom. It might be beyond your budget but perhaps worth looking into. Probably didn't hurt that I was using an AKG C24 either...those things rock.

Matt Hepworth

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Hey, check PM's!

Arys Chien

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I just ordered a 11-slot BAE rack which might arrives later today....

Yet seriously, there's no pre in my current 6-slot rack, except for a Shadow Hills Gama Mono. I have thought about buying a Gama 8, but then I spent the money on something else. The Gama 8 is too big for you anyway (4U or 5U maybe).

Good luck on the purchase!
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