Level issue with cubase and twin x


Having a level anomaly on Cubase Pro 13 with my Twin X interface.

Using a stereo reference wav file - 44.1kHz 1K@-18dbfs. New project with single track and nothing else.

Level shows correct on Cubase source track and Stereo Out channel, but 12dbfs hotter on the Twin X Main output(-6dbfs).

The following other things show -18dbfs on the Twin X main Output:
- Same Cubase .cbr project in Cubase Elements 13.
- Same exact setup in Reaper, Logic, Studio One.
- Same Cubase Pro 13 setup going to a different interface; ADI-2 FS Pro, Volt 1 76, Babyface Pro
- Same Cubase Pro 13 setup, but routing main output to Apollo V1&2 - comes up in console at -18dbfs, and on to Apollo Main Output at -18dbfs.

Luna tests slightly different with an output of -16.5dbfs, on both the Twin X and the ADI-2 Pro FS, but that is likely a different story… (and yes, I made sure to remove any tape and api console extensions from the source channel)

Trashed prefs and reinstalled without effect.

Seems apparent the issue is with Cubase Pro 13, but it is odd that it only appears to affect the Twin X…

MacBook Air 15” M3, Sonoma 14.4.1
Cubase Pro 13.0.30 Build 226
UAD v11.2.0

- Richard
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