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Live 6 and UAD problem.


New Member
Hi guys,

Sorry if this has been brought up before but I can't seem to get the search function to work on this forum.

I'm randomly getting errors in Live 6, which I've just started using, that I don't seem to get in Cubase SX3.1. The error is:

\"Sorry, one or more Powered Plug-Ins have been disabled.

The UAD-1 is not responding.\"

I've been getting that error fairly regularly since I started using Live 6. Just a few minutes ago I started work on a composition with only 3 tracks and some midi, started adding plugs until it was about 40% of the UAD's capacity with no problems. I saved, quit and when I reopened it gave me that error.

Anyone who has encountered this, I'd love to hear your solution, assuming there is one....

thanks lots,


Established Member
Arre you using Live 6 on it's own or with the Rewire client? It may be confused (UAD) if you are trying to use the effects in another (slave) host. IF not, then I don't know really as I don't run Live.


New Member
No, generally I'll be using two or three instances of the Cambridge and one of the 1176LN. So nowhere near maxing out the card.

Though if I drag in the 33609, that's a sure-fire way of getting the error instantly. Otherwise, it's completely random.

edit: I should add my mac uses the AMD-8131 (ie. slightly less capable) chipset.
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