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Logic 7.1 / UAD-1 latency compensation fixed?


New Member
Hi! Does anyone have news about this topic? I would like to buy the card, but I don't want to place delay plug ins on each channel before dropping an
LA-2A.... By the way, how do you guys work?

Thanx in advance.

Susi Topless ; )


Logic has had full processor delay compensation since 7.1. You do have to enable it though. By default it's on tracks and instruments and you can set it to all or off also.


Established Member
Ninja said:
Actually Logic still have a bunch of issues regarding PDC. It's ok if you only work with internal synths, etc, but once you start recording anything into Logic the problems starts to arise.
You forgot to mention 'if you have PDC set to ALL'. If set to 'tracks & instruments' (so not on the busses) the trackadvance plugin will only compensate for 1 plugin on a bus, no matter the settings. Want to compensate for 2 plugs? Use 2 trackadvance plugs etc... That's the only real issue I know regarding logic and uad-1

Using full pdc with logic only works if you won't be recording & you route your external synths back into logic through an aux input...

Hope they fix some of it with 7.2

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