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Logic 7.2 + audio pdc bug ?


Is this normal :
when you play a track and than stop it in the middle, or not play until the end. You back up again or let it play from the beginning that you first hear a few audio (seems like buffers) sounds from the track just before it stopped before it begins to play ?

any other person got this ?

dual G5 2.7, 4,5gb, tascam fw1884 2xFE8, 2xUAD-1, logic 7.2, ...


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Are you new to Logic? Are you sure this is a UAD issue? This is a common issue with Logic users, whether they use UAD or not. Usually happens in the very beginning of a song, even on bounces. See if you get the same issues without the UAD.


yes pretty new to logic so i don't know every possible way how it reacts on things i do :)

but learning goes smooth, i delayed learning logic for so many years but protools started to bug me so i went for it.

but now that some people confirm this \"bug\" instead of the same laughable joke that you need to re-install your system etc...

maybe someday it will go away :)


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Yes hopefully one day it will be fixed but in the interim there are workarounds. I'm most familiar with this problem in the beginning of songs so I leave an extra bar or two at the beginning of songs to let the buffer clear itself. For bounces, I've heard you can let the song start and stop it after the buffer noises and then bounce. You will find other workarounds at one of the many logic groups like the one at Yahoo.


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Sometimes I´m wondering what the Apple guys are doing with Logic Pro...

I mean you get new features like \"Channel Strip´s switchable by Program Change\" (who needs that??),
but the common stuff is still not working.... :(
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