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I'm thinking about getting the UAD card, and was wondering if anyone runs a similar system, and DOES IT WORK ! I have a G5 on 10.4, logic pro 6.42, and will be using the rme hammer4 audio card with rosetta 800's as interfaces. I hear good things about the UAD and need something to replace my protools plug-ins. (i am selling a HD3 accell if anyone's interested, probably not on this site!). Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I don't want to swap one protool problem with another.Thanks


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I don't have exactly the same system as you but I am running Logic Pro 6.42 on OS 10.3.3, with a UAD-1 and a Hammerfall 9632 working very nicely.

I am not on a G5 though, rather a Dual 867MHz G4. Apparently the host load is increased when using a G5 with the UAD-1 but some people seem to think that the G5 has so much power it is not noticeable anyway.

The latest UAD-1 drivers have addressed issues with the G5 as well.

Overall I can't recommend the sound of the UAD-1 enough - GET ONE!!

All the best,


urban noise

New Member
I am using a G5 since a few days, it is a model from september 03 with a RME Hammerfall 9636, UAD1, OS X 10.3.4, Logic Pro 6.4.2 and i have great problems with the UAD1 in the G5. When i load a song with UAD plugins and press the start key, i got a crash with kernel panik. Without the UAD plugins in a song no problem occurs. On my G4 1,25 MDD i had no problem in this way. All worked fine.

So i think UAD haven´t fixed all G5 problems.



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As you can see by my signature I am using Logic Pro 6.4.1 on a Dual G5 and OSX 10.3.5 with a UAD-1 card and an Echo Layla . All is well here except sometimes I get clicks with the Pultec Pro. BTW, I went back to Logic Pro 6.4.1. For some reason it is just much more stable here than 6.4.2.
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