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Logic Mac session to PC


Hi Guys

I'm gonna be mixing a session in Logic 5.5 PC that was recorded in Logic 7 on a mac. How should the band save the session so that I can open it on the PC. :?: (I know its easy the other way round PC TO Mac)



Giles117 DP

Active Member
I'd freeze the tracks myself. you moving from newer to older. that might be an issue.....

Generally moving from a newer version session to an older versionn session can be VERY problematic. Moreso than upgrading.

Eddie Macarthur

Active Member
when i'm exporting a cubase multitrack for others to mix here is what i do.
1. go to each track and get rid of the bits you dont want.
2. make the seperate parts on each track into an event which begins at the same time for all tracks
3. bounce each track into a continuous audio file

4. make a midifile and export it, if midi is involved.

also; if you have any virtual instruments, make sure to export their data as audio.

now, when you save these bounced files, they will line up in any other package when imported.



Thanks for the tips guys. The client has Logic Pro I think and we have Logic 5.5 PC. Do you know what 'save as' options Logic Pro has concerning this kind of situation. As you say, bouncing each file starting at zero from Logic Pro at least guarantees start points line up which is my main concern. I just wondered if Logic Pro sessions/files were backward compatible.

Thanks again

Widdly :D
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