LOGIC PRO 6 $500 + UAD-1 PCI CARD $500


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I'll be transfering my Logic and UAD card from my home studio to my recording studio so I don't need these anymore:

LOGIC PRO 6 with usb xskey fully upradeable to LOGIC PRO 7 $500

MACKIE UAD PCI-1 CARD $500 Includes all the plug-ins currently sold in the Studio Pak for $899 minus the Fairchild compressor and Cambridge EQ

You get:

RealVerb Pro: The world's most coveted reverb plug-in (developed by Kind of Loud)
Dreamverb: Universal Audio's flagship reverb (w/authorization file)
1176LN and 1176SE: Analog classic limiting amplifiers!
LA-2A: Vintage compression, rich in heritage!
CS-1 Channel Strip: Made up of plug-ins developed specifically for the UAD-1, including EQ, compression, delay modulation, and reflection engine modules.
Nigel: Delivers a complete pallet of guitar tones with 7 modules that provide most every effect a guitar player might need.
Pultec Program EQ: The Pultec EQ has long been a choice of recording and mastering engineers for its ability to bring out individual frequency ranges without significantly altering other frequencies.

Both of these work perfectly. They have been living in my G4 since I purchased them. No original boxes

I'll accept Paypal or money order only

Will sell inside U.S only. Pick-up available if you're in the NYC area. All sales final.


email: chriscadawas@aol.com
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