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Matt Hepworth

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Q: I can't seem to register or log-in here. What should I do?
A: Please send an email to uadforums@gmail.com

Q: Is this forum an "official" forum?
A: That depends on how you look at it! We're "Unofficial Universal Audio Powered Plugin Forums" powered by UAD and Apollo users.

Q: Who's in charge of this forum?
A: Primarily two administrators (and heavy UAD users) that had no idea what they were getting into ;) - starter of this thread (whom also is responsible for the hosting account where this forum lives), and Akis. Chris, the original admin, is mostly "retired" from the forum. We also highly appreciate the support of Sid Chigger, our resident Moderator.

Q: Does Universal Audio have representation here?
A: Absolutely! There are several people from UA that contribute to these forums. The good folks from UA can usually be recognized because their usernames start with 'UA' as a courtesy to the forum users. They are great people and we're glad they choose to contribute and link to these unofficial forums.

Q: So, these forums are not run by Universal Audio?
A: Correct, but UA is gracious enough to consider us to be "their" forum and link us on the Universal Audio website!

Q: If I post complaints about products and technical problems here, when will Universal Audio look at them and do something about it?
A: You will want to contact Universal Audio directly for something like that to get the best service, but they do lend a hand here to troubleshooting when possible. The rest is all us, as UAD Forum users.

Q: Is it okay to be belligerent to other users and/or troll around here over and over in multiple threads about the exact same thing hoping that UA will notice?
A: Please step away from the computer. You can consider your deleted posts to be the first clue that you're heading down this road.

Q: Do I have to have a UAD card to post here?
A: Definitely not! However, if you're against UAD cards in general, please find another forum somewhere to post at.
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