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Looking for forum moderator(s)


Sadly, left this world before his time.
Hi all,

It's time for me to pass my moderation duties on to someone else (probably 2 of you). Those of you who are interested, please PM me.




Active Member
Please pass it to someone of reasoning much like yourself, because if someone becomes a moderater that's irrational it can be a ugly thing.

Out of curiousity, how long does it usually takes to moderate this forum (delete unwanted messages,read threw posts etc}?


Sadly, left this world before his time.
In general, it can take from 5 to 45 minutes a day, depending on whether you're reading every post carefully or just go through it to make sure there's no bad language, spam etc, how many posts have been submitted and maybe on whether english is your native language or not.


Established Member
It'd be cool if we could find a way to generate more productive interest in this forum. I'm all for voicing concerns, but it seems like there are far too many similar threads.

I've been spending some time at the PSW forums, and they seem more informative and most cases more respectful interaction goes on between forum users even when people disagree. (mostly cause the moderators rule with an iron fist, in a good way)


Trebor Flow 2

Established Member
With all due respect to BTLG, Akis please pick an easy going chap like yourself - because I post and read this forum becasue it feels like the bar in Cheers.

It's like the old faces even if they don't like mine. Tony O, Uncle E, Ashermusic - there cool guys.

If it got like Sonnik Matter Logic Forum - I'd never return, I gave that forum up coz those guys are like so f**king up tight.

There's a guy on there called Oscar something or other (can't remeber) and if you post something he does'nt like you get a written warning and a threat of a ban!!

Please keep it informal, it's the best forum on the web, coz it's about one wee little DSP card and a few plugins but a whole bunch of great guys.

I've been posting here since almost day one of the card hitting the UK, I've learnt loads and had some excellent scraps.

and .... all that stuff with the Bomb Factory Guy and Big Harpy shit that was a classic. F**k I'm remanicing about a bloody geeks forum - sad and 43 that me.

Trebor 8)

PS We're getting a mini schnauzer puppy for christmas - I know I know puppies aren't just for Xmas - you can re-heat them on boxing day -
seriously this pup is costing $1500 so the kids better bloody enjoy him.

No plugs for daddy this time - except I'm having that 1081 when it comes out :D
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