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Lopass filter Pultec higher


New Member
I may be hallucinating but since the 4.0 update at least the Pultec and the LA2A seem to sound a little smoother, too! :D


Venerated Member
If plugin algorithims are being modified, we should be notified.

If the Pultec plug we used last month is different than the Pultec plug we are using today, we should be told.


New Member
True, but what if the doctors just updated (or unified) the way some plug-ins upsample/downsample. They need not let us know. I'm serious, from what I hear, I still 'believe' that at least those two have improved. Less grain more silk. Unfortunately, I can't prove my statement because I ... updated.


Active Member
Really, they SHOULD let us know as less roll off means a different sound. You've said it yourself. And your old mixes were made with the old style running and will be slightly different now.

However, between not telling us (if this has really even happened) and not making the change, I would pick the first! I want the rolloff to be less severe since I usually work down at the lower SRs.


Paul Woodlock

Established Member
boody said:
Just noticed the Pultecs lopass filter seems to kick in at a higher freq. Used to be around 16khz, now it seems to be at about 18khz. Cool, thanks for that one 8)
Did you confrim this by tests?


Established Member
no; I can't do a proper phasecancelation test because I upgraded and on top of that moved to a mac. I noticed it while mastering; I expected to lose some air like always when inserting the pultec but the air seemed to stay, I didn't feel the need to boost it a bit with prec.eq. I checked it with a spectrum analyser and it showed a highcut around 18khz. This has always been around 16khz, which might be considered tapelike vintage but is a bit low. Left the analyser on and got the same 18khz-ish highcut on every track when inserting the pultec.

no sience however, just subjective observations...

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