LUNA Mix Fader changes when using API console and Summing


My question is:
Does anybody thinks this feature helps when mixing?
I'm used to work with PT and other DAWs where the 0db is arount 75% of the max.
When you enable API console the 0db goes to 50% of the fader. it makes a visual mess and less space on screen for me...


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I like it.


When mixing,
70% of the time I use the mix window ; and open the timeline just for some automation.
I like to watch the VUs, and use faders instead of seeing the waveforms. Lots of people do the oposite.
How do you guys work?
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Right screen has arrangement view, left has mix window.
focus is right for recording, left for the rest.
during mixing, plugins get opened on the right screen.

I get a lot of information from seeing waveforms…looking forward to the day the wave forms are time aligned with the audio coming out of the monitors
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