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Mackie UAD Newb Questions


New Member
Sorry if this has been asked before but the forum search function wasn't working for me. I bought a UAD back when Mackie was distributing them and I was wondering if there are any differences in the card or the included plugins vs. the cards after Universal took over. I believe mine was original mackie UAD PCI card with only the stock plugins. I had this card in an old G4 and I hate to admit this but I forgot it was in there! Is there any advantage to using this card in an Sys 9 setup only or are there benefits to using it in OSX?? I thought I read somewhere that the original mackie cards had more plugs that the standard Universal UAD. Is this correct?? If so, I guess that would be a reason to keep using in in System 9??



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I can't answer your Mac-specific questions, but the Mackie card has 2 extra plug-ins compared to the Project Pak: 1176LN and LA-2A.


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I don't undertand what you mean, but as Akis said, the Mackie cards are exactly the same hardware like the actual PCI cards plus the two plugins he mentioned. It should make no difference if you run them on OS9 or OSX. If you have a Mac with PCI slots, just download the actual UAD software and all should be fine. Don't know of any advantages UAD could have under OS9.

Matt Hepworth

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For a short time Mackie also included the DreamVerb plug-in as a bonus. Yours could have up to 3 more plugs than the current base pack (Project Pak).
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