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Magma & G5


New Member
Sorry if this has been answered already, but are the g5 limitations of the uad-1 gone when you use it in a magma?


Active Member
The G5's with PCI-X slots which have the problem with PCI traffic are apparently helped by using a Magma Chassis. I just ordered a Chassis and will test this for myself when I get it. I'm not altogether sure why the use of the Magma makes any difference in the overall efficiency of system, but it is supposed to work better. I'll post back in a few days once I get it up and running.



New Member
Thanks Trace, i also wondered about that as i could not make any sense of it. anyone official word on that moderators?


Active Member
I run 3 UAD 1's in a MAGMA 7 slot. It helped a bit. I get to about 90-94% before I get the host processor spiking G5 limitation. I'd estimate it gave me about a 10% boost in performance over the way the card(s) work in the G5 by itself.



Are u running a 64-bit Magma or a 32-Bit?

Does it matter? I am thinking about a 4 slot Magma to add to more Cards... Right now I run two UAD-1's and a Lynx AES16 on a G5 and performance is not at it's best, plus I would love more cards :)


New Member
any official (= universal audio) comment on magma improving the performance of the uad-1 in a g5 would be highly appreciated...:)


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