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master x3 vs ua multiband


whats up everyone

i am about to buy 2 uad cards, i was thinking of buying the ultrapak and a flexi pak.

the only reason i wanted the flexi pak is because of the multiband comp.

im thinking for a little bit more i can get the ultrapak and a project pak and a tc firewire compact.

i have the the waves linear multiband and i think its ok,i have a finalizer plus and i like the sound of the multiband,but, find it inconvient.
how does the x3 stack up.
thanx in advance


The X3 suck as a mastring plug!
I use the multiband comp, with my oxford eq and inflator for plugin mastring. The multiband comp sound amazing. I used the waves L3 before i got the multiband comp. I am no mastring enginer but for me, the L3 is good but not as good as the multiband comp. In my opinion the L3 sounds \"cold\" compaird to the multiband comp. The x3 compaird to the L3 and multiband comp, then i must say the x3 is a joke! you don't need to be a mastering enginer to hear how aful it sounds. Your finalizer plus sounds 10 times better than the x3. And there are a million albums to prove that!

My advise is to buy 2 Uad-1 Flexi pack and buy plugs before the May offer expire and save some$ for the new Neve plug. The powercore can wate


i would not get the X3. It has limited internal precision (only the x5 is double precision), and the sound speaks for itself. This, like most of the original TC stuff on my p-core, doesn't ever get used.

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