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mastering help


ive got a project that was recorded on adats (48k)that was transfered to my daw .its been automated and ive added effects, eq, comp ect. i needs to convert to 41k and boost the level . i've tried useing the sample conversion in Peak but find it looses spaciousness.my mixdowns dont sound nearly as good as what i hear directly from my da converters strait from the non mixed down tracks . im thinking id get a better result mixing from one of my computers to another converting from 48k to 41k through the anolog converters .if my second computer (sound card) can capture the anolog mix well , i think it might be better than what i loose converting. im wondering if i should add the precision limiter before or after conversion . any thougts on all this would be appriecated and perhaps someone has a suggestion on better convertion software. thank will

MASSIVE Mastering

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Limit last. Just before dithering. If your converters are up to the task, you'll probably get better results than most SRC's.
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