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Mastering with\"All in one\"plug in or with a plug ins chain?


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I was thinking to buy the precision eq, limiter and the farchild plug ins, or a \"all in one\" solution like Izotope Ozone. Izotope say on their web site:

\"iZotope Ozone isn't a collection of plug-ins. It's a single interface that combines all of the required mastering tools in one system. This makes it easier to use, easier to understand the mix, and -- well -- it just sounds better because, once the signal goes in, it's all 64-bit processing until it comes out. It's technically impossible to get this sound quality and resolution by chaining separate plug-ins together\".
I'm lost.. who is right? \"All in one\" plug in or plug ins chain?


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Personally I like having the individual plugins because you have the choice to mix and match (sometimes using an LA-2A instead of fairchild sounds better, or using a cambridge EQ instead of precision eq if you have to do more drastic EQing in the mixing stage, etc). Any decent DAW these days also is going to running 32 bit floating point throughout the signal chain so the fact that the signal is returning back to the DAW and back to another plugin is a moot point; it's not going to be dithering again along the way. Also, unless you have audio that needs larger than a 600dB or so dynamic range, 64bit isn't going to make any difference (and unless you have a 64 bit processor, it's not going to do *anything*).

The Ozone is a really cool plug, and I'm not knocking it in any way, but I don't think you can make a direct comparison between it and a cluster of plugins you might use for mastering, they aren't quite the same.
I'll second that multiband request - just paid the ludicrous sum of $400 for the Waves C4: I'm a committed fan of the UAD, but been using the C4 for years across mixes (in OS9), and got fed up with chopping between a G5/Logic 7 and a G4/Logic 6 OS9 just to get the C4 into the action.

We all know Waves prices are crazy, but I WAS prepared to pay $400 for a plug that the UAD doesn't cover... food for thought, UA?



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...there will be multiple new UAD-1 related product announcements and previews at the AES Show October 7th-10th that will likely more than satisfy many of the requests for new plug-ins.\" :)
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