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MBP CPU sitting at 50% with not much going on?


New Member

First off i am very new here. Just got my Xpander Xtreme a week or so ago and have finally managed to get it up and running after moving house.

I have an issue though which i dont know whats causing it and am hoping someone here might be able to shed some light for me. First ff my Setup.

MBP 2.4 with 4GB ram and 160GB HD (7200 rpm)
Access Virus Ti
Logic Studio
Plugs all bought and paid for: NI Battery, Camel Audio and a few others.

So my issue is this i have just started a new project (psytrance production at 147 bpm) The project so far contains only my Virus running bass (mono) and a stereo Lead based sound. Then i have only one instance of Battery going however i multi'd it to give me 8 stereo and 8 mono outs and have my own kit loaded into it and am utilizing all 8 Stereo and Mono outs however there is no processing or EFX on all of those outs except th 1st mono out which belongs to my kick drum which i think only has a silver compressor, logics limiter and the channel eq activated.

My bass through my hardware Virus has once again the silver compressor and then the ALL TO AMAZING NEVE 1071 (beautiful sounding eq_WOW)

Now with this little and i mean little going on my MBP 2.4 with 4GB ram is sitting at 50% CPU. Now i just came from PC and Cubase and i am shocked at this. This can not be right?

My UAD DSP is sitting at 26% with just the 1 Neve EQ on which i dont mind.

My concern is my MBP CPU... i have KIK and BASS Written down only with like 4 bars and my CPU is so high!!

So my question is does the UAD have a part to play in this? Does the UAD affect the computers processor power? because if i am sitting at 50% with 2 tracks i sure sont think i will get my song done when i need about 32 tracks which will come from MIDI but then be bounced into Audio files..

Apologies for the long post but i am trying to give you all the information about what i am doing and what i have running.. Hope its clear as I AM WORRIED.

I just got my MBP about 3 weeks ago and this is the 1st project i am using it for.

Any ideas? similar occirences? potential solutions? or definite solutions?



P.S - i have a screenshot_anyway i can upload on here for you all to see what i mean?
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