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Mid Side (MS) recording


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I have an AKGC200B (cardoid condenser) and am buying a Rode NT2-A (multi-pattern) which just happens to have a figure 8 pattern avaiable. If I wanted to set these up for MS recording does my sound card *need* to have an MS decoder, or can I deal with arranging the L & R channels properly after I record the signal, which will be in Soundforge. I have a MOTU 828MKII btw..

What about setup? From what I've read so far the Rode would need to fade left/right with respect to the source, and be set above the AKG which faces the source, both as close together as possible.

Any tips or other info is greatly appreciated.


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You can simply copy your S mic track to an extra track and reverse the phase on the copy. Pan the original 100% left and the out-of-phase one 100% right and make sure their levels are identical in the mix.


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Oh, and you are correct about the setup. One way you can arrange these mics into a M/S array would be to place the figure 8 above the cardioid at a 90 degree angle in the shape of an upside down L.

For what it's worth, M/S can also be done with three signgle diaphram mics, such as small diaphram condenders by crossing two of them 180 degrees with the heads together (but staggered on the X axis) and the third directly at the source 90 degrees from the others forming a T shape.

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