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MIDI controller with UAD


can the uad-1 plugs be controlled by a remote control device at all?

i have a tascam us-2400 and i would love to be able to tweak uad-1 plugs with it. any ideas please? i was told that this ios possible if the plug ins can accept midi signals. can the uad plugs do this? i checked the uad-1 manual and it seems to have an option in the configuration folder of the uad-1 meter for remote control or somethign to that effect. any help would be greatly appreciated.



Most of the VST hosts support Plugin automation via MIDI controllers. I'm using Ableton successfully to control any of the UAD VSTs.


that's good to hear. i use cubase sx3. anyone out there knows how to make the uad plugs mdi controllable in cubase sx? thanks.


Sadly, left this world before his time.
Is there any specific template for your control surface in Cubase? If not, you can set it up as a generic remote controller (I use a BCR2000 this way with all my plugs).

Ricky B

I'm so glad to find another SX3 & US2400 user! I have the same question about the Uad plugins control.

I also have a few other things concerning the controller & SX3. Mainly, when using a fader on an audio track, I get a midi note triggered which plays some notes from my drum plugin, and I don't know how to stop this. Any help would be very appreciated.


Ricky B
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