Monster Cable XRL and speaker cable for sale


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Hey, guys I have a ton of monster cable that i want ot get rid of. Plus i need some money to upgrade my studio monitors

I got overly crazy buying cable 2 years ago.

I want half price for the cable.

I have all sizes. 6 foot, 10 foot, 18 foot (I think)

Also have like 50 footers.
as you know monster cable is live time warranty. Even if you take side cutters and cut the wire your self.
This cable is all in mint condition. Alot of it has barley even been used. All this cable is monsters cable standard cable. with the big round ends.
So pretty much I want half price what the cord cost brand new and I'll pay for shipping.

Rather you buy more then just one cable of course due to saving me shipping costs.

I probably have 30 10 footers, 30 6 footers.
I also have 3 footers but not sure how many probably around 20 but not sure if i want to sell them since those are used alot.

As for speaker cable I dont have alot of like 4 20 footers, 6 12 footers something like that.
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