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More power with Teleport


I've been reading all the threads about people not cutting it with a 4 UAD setup.
Wouldn't an old PC with some UAD's thrown in running FX Teleport be a solution?

I run Halion on an old dual PIII 500 and a P4 1.2 via Teleport and it's great.
Only real drawback with such a setup is that you can't tweak the controls of an Teleport plugin straight from your DAW. You can select presets though.
I personaly prefer using Remote Desktop to adjust my running plugins on the remote computers, which in a way adds more desktop space too.
Switching to the remote desktop screen gives me instant access to the interfaces of all the remote running plugs.

Moreover the server running the UAD's and Teleport doesn't need to be cutting edge. Just the minumum required for UAD software.

With the Teleport license costing around $75 per server, plus the price of an old server or desktop, such a setup is far less expensive than a Magma chassis.
Plus there's no limit really. You can add old pc's with 4 UAD's as much as you like.
Right on man. Have any links for that shit?

Agent Cooper

Established Member
True, an interesting concept.
But there are several massive drawbacks afaik :
-- PDC not working (at least) for group inserts with UAD
-- far from using no CPU, sometimes you're better off using native plugs
-- for using big teleported VSTis there is the latency issue
-- no integrated remote UI viewer
-- no updates for a very long time, when did 1.04 come out ? One year ago ? Two years ? And it's not as if there are no issues remaining to be fixed.
-- and last but not least our beloved 4 card limit.
I tried FXT 1.04 a year ago during the PoCo disaster and was not that impressed, I'll be glad to test it again after some serious improvements have been made.
Cheers, Cooper

Arys Chien

Active Member
I have a FX Teleport only PC.

It still consume the host PC's CPU power, just like a PowerCore Firewire. While both are not as stable. I guess the only thing that truely takes the load off the host PC and error-free is a PCI(e) card.... :?


I should add that I run Teleport on an 1Gbps switched network.
Did a test this weekend with switching the Teleport server back to 100Mbit and I started having latency problems. Guess 1Gb is essential in running something like Halion over the network.
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