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Motherboard ?

I am buying new computer for my 2 UAD-1's (PCI). I am looking at ASUS P5W DH and ASUS P5B motherboards. What are your experiences - which is better for UAD-1 (PCI). I've seen both are used a lot in Core2 configurations.

I will get also Intel Core2 Duo E6600 2,4 gHz and 2 GB RAM, 2 HDD etc.

Thx in advance

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I've got the P5B/E6600 combo which is a great setup.

The board has 3 pci slots, but one of them is really close to the pci_x16 graphics slot. It may be just that I have a fat graphics card, but that slot is unusable for me.

Otherwise it's a nice board. The heat pipe cooling seems to do the trick. The thing I like about it is being able to set the fans to 'silent' mode - the whole thing is quieter than my laptop


I am using a E6300/P5B-E combo. I built it about a month ago.
It has been working flawlessly for me, so far. I would highly recommend a P5B type MB, for those UAD-1 users looking to upgrade to a Duo Core.
I have (2) UAD-1 cards in PCI slots #2 & #3. I have my Delta 66 PCI card in slot #1, next to the PCIE video card. If you get a video card with a large extruding fan or heatsink, it may be a tight squeeze, for any PCI card in PCI slot #1. I purposely purchased an inexpensive (around $59)fanless Sapphire x550 PCIe (256DDR), for it's slim heatsink. My Delta 66 fits next to it with room to spare.

You can checkout all the exact specs and further info from this thread, the
7th post down:

http://www.chrismilne.com/uadforums/vie ... 6&start=75


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I just upgraded to a ASUS P5W DH system, but I've run into stability issues with it. I'd say go for P5B.. a lot of people have succesful UAD setups with that MB.
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