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Motherboards--What's the Current News?


New Member
I'm building a new system to work with UAD-1, Samplitude, (and Paris).

Is the NForce4 chipset still a no no?

I want to use the highest-end board possible with an AMD 3700+ or 4000+, (i.e. SATA 3.0Gb/s, 939 socket, etc.), but I heard the NForce 4 or 3 are not good. Has anything changed with that?
What newer boards are compatabile?

I will not be using a dual core chip due to other hardware compatability problems.

Thanks for any suggestion you can give me.


Eric Dahlberg

Purveyor of musical dreams fullfilled.


Well I'm really not trying to convert you.. but intel has a low cost processor that's highly overclockable: the d 805.. I just read some on the german version of tom's hardware.
this thing runs normally with 2,66 GHz dual core, but you can overclock it by more than 50%! yeah fifty ;)

they run it at 4,1 GHz and it outperformed every other proc in almost any discipline.. even the ones from intel and amd that sell for 1G, hehe.. and the craziest thing is: it sells for only ~120 euros!

http://tomshardware.thgweb.de/2006/04/2 ... index.html

I'm going to check out that little beast tomrrow...



Active Member


Active Member
The only agp ddr 1 boards for this cpu(´s) are asus P5P800se and asrock 775I65PE. I havn´t decided on wich of the 2 yet...


I'm running this processor now at 3,8GHz cooled by a Zalman CNPS AT on an Asus P5WD2 Premium board... excelent! No problems until now.. UAD-1 up&running.
I wouldn't recommend that P5P800 board since it isn't supporting dualcores.

edit: it actually does support dualcores, but still isn't recommended.

Go with a 955 or 975 chipset. Best recommendation would be to use the same board I'm using (if you don't need onboard firewire and other extras you could go with the cheaper board without the 'Premium') and forget the AGP slot.. I had to replace my Matrox card by a much cheaper, way more powerfull (256MB) pci-e card with nvidia chipset and it's working like a charm on a dual monitor setup.

Best BANG for the buck :) :) :)



Oh I forgot to mention the P5WD2 Premium board is also a good decision for future upgrades for it already supports the up & comming, highly praised Intel Conroe generation plus up to 8 GB of DDR2-800 Ram.


New Member
I had great success with SuperMicro motherboards - Lots of PCI slots and server class so really reliable. Cant overclock but performance is less important than reliability to me. I have a dual Xeon, 1GB ECC with 2 x UAD, 1 x PowerCore MkII and a Creamware card - I run all of them simultaneously without overloading the PCI bus.



Sixela said:
What is the difference compared to 2X3,8GHz single core proc system. Might it be equal in power?
First off, I'm running it @ 3,6 GHz now, since it's 100% reliable at this speed and thus gives best results all the time.. and it's still a huge performance gain of more than 35 %.

Compared to a dual processor system @ the same speed, same technology, same frontside bus, same memory(performance) there shouldn't be a difference concerning performance.. the system and software reacts the same seeing and using two processors.
One difference is, a dual core processor does only need one cooler.
Another thing is the dual processors may have hyperthreading which may let them work like four processors.. but DAWs (speaking of Nuendo/Cubase) don't want hyperthreading turned on on duals.
Anyway there are also dual cores with hyperthreading, but mine doesn't have it and I'm happy with it ;)
I'm having more than three times the power I had before (with a p4 2,4GHz) at my disposal and don't have to worry about plugin usage anymore :D

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