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Mouse wheel support


Active Member
Im using Cubase SX3.1.1 on OSX 10.4.3

It seems mouse wheel support does not work for all UAD plug ins is there are preference I need to turn on in order to have mouse wheel support for the UAD plug ins.



Active Member
Arfter reading the Manual ot seems there is no scoll wheel support under OSX due to the limitations in OSX.I find this odd as every other plug in supports scroll wheels including the poco plugs.Please UA see if this can be implemented I find it frustrating trying to make fine adjustments without the scroll wheel.



Established Member
Hi Lux, for fine adjustments you can also click on the knob and use the arrows on your keyboard to adjust the value with the smallest possible steps. If you want bigger steps you press either alt or ctl (or shift or apple; I can't remember :roll: ) when using the arrows. Not as handy as the srollwheel, but good enough.



Active Member
Has this been fixed in the latest UAD release (v5?).

Every other plugin responds to the scroll wheel...

OSX 10.4.11
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