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multiband precisions job....


Having read about the multiband im a little confused, has it got a limiter on it?

ie can i replaced my WAVES l3 with it?

sorry if its dumb question, iv just woke up and my brains ticking very slowly...lol
Tarekith said:
The Precision Limiter is more or less what you would want to replace the L3 with.
I think you mean the L2? The L3 is more like the UA Precision Multiband from what I can see. The Precision Limiter sounds great and I'll bet the Precision Multiband follows in the same tradition.

With that said, the L3 sounds very nice as well. I had a chance to fiddle with it a couple of weeks ago and really liked the results. In fact, I was trying to purchase the Precision Limiter for a project I was working on but UA's site wouldn't let me buy it (it did let me buy the Pultec Pro - go figure) so I ended up using the L3 and haven't attempted to purchase the Precision Limiter since.

Beat God

i bought the precision limiter when it first came out and tried the l3 a month ago. I thought the precision limiter was great, but the l3 is slightly better.


Beat God said:
I thought the precision limiter was great, but the l3 is slightly better.
I'm not an audio engineer but putting PLimiter against L3 seems to be quite an unfair comparison as L3 aside its IDR stage is a limiter with a sort of dynamic eq/multiband compression stage as well.
So, prior to any conclusion we should wait until PMultiband is released, put it on master bus with PEqualizer & PLimiter and only then comparing the results with L3 ones.
Don't forget to take in count price 'cause if PMultiband costs the same as PLimiter or PEqualizer it will put UA's mastering combo at the same price than Waves L3 with ONLY a fraction of native CPU needs AND without Waves costly upgrades policy ;)
As a bonus, they could be used separately or in any combinations with other plugs on busses & tracks at the mixing stage again without almost any stress on native CPU.

Dan Duskin

Established Member
The L3 is very VERY good!!! It's the only limiter I would ever dare JUST grab the input level and turn it up to get a final level (without lots of further futzing around). Too bad it works so poorly on PC's using Cubase/Nuendo (problems with VST wrappers, DAX errors, automation problems, etc., etc., etc)... (like every WAVES plugin) :(
(WAVES is also notorious for DeNormal problems, and fixed-point processing... though I don't think these apply to the L3, but I'm not 100% sure)


Active Member
L3 is very good and imo better than (and very different from) the precision limiter. If you need to push up the volume without ruining the sound, L3 gives you that and so does TC stuff and probably the new precision multiband too. I still don't understand why UA didn't build a limiter in the precision multiband compressor? TC MD3, MasterX3/X5 all have limiters too altough there's the additional brickwall limiter.

You cannot turn up the volume with precision limiter, because it will distort very easily just like TC brickwall. The Waves L2/L3 \"limiters\" work in a totally different way and you can turn up the volume with them. I guess they all include a kind of multiband compressor built in.
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