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Multiband VST Shell?


I had a thought today- maybe it's an old idea, or maybe a new one inspired by the practical genius of les paul ( cool new interview in Tape OP... )

We all have our favorite compressor plugins for different things, SO... what about an empty VST multiband compressor \"shell\" into which you could load your own compressor choices into the different bands? As well as set the frequency ranges each works on etc...

Seems like it might be cool to experiment with?

BTW if this is previously explored territory- could somebody point me towards a VST program that does this? I came up with nothing in a quick net search...



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You could clone the track several times and use the Cambridge EQ for crossovers, but I know you are looking for a different solution. One of the hosts I use (Orion Platinum) has a multi-fx holder effect insert with 3 bands. You can drag the crossover points around, and insert whatever effects into each of the 3 effect insert slots. This plugin is integrated into Orion though, but you may be able to find something similar in VST format out there. Maybe have a look around kvraudio.com ?
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