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Multipe licences on separate computers...


New Member

I was planing to use 1 more cards in my current system (in my studio) and one card in my home system.

I was lurking the Flex package with the 500$ coupon/card.

My question is this : can I authorise all the cards with all the licences given that one of them will be on a different computer or do I have to buy the licence twice ?



Active Member
1 licence is enough for 4 cards, as long as you don´t go over 4 it can even be on 4 computers (all with the same reg file for the 4 or less cards) don´t hope the you can then put a fifth card in the computer with only one card cause that won´t work and even cause problems since some plugins will then be authorized for 1 card but not for the other and the drivers won´t know that in advance and load an unauthorized plug anyway and it will give an orror).
Hope I havn´t made it sounding too complicated.


Sadly, left this world before his time.
Just a note: according to UA, each license is valid for up to 4 cards on the same computer. However, nobody can stop you from spreading the cards on more computers.
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