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Musical Inspiration site (You're invited to 4BarLoop.com)


Hi guys and gals,

Please excuse this shameless plug for another website, but it truly has been designed with everyone in mind. I hope it will become an invaluable resource in the art of music making!

I would like to invite you all to take up free membership at 4BarLoop.com.

  • A file upload and review section for tips/techniques, mp3 of music members want help with and songwriting tips
    Remix competitions, both private and commercial
    Inspiration, remix competitions and community forums
    Personal Messaging with an mailbox of 50 messages
    A news section, including RSS feeds from Harmony Central, Sonic State and Music Nerve
    Brian Eno and Peter Schmidts' Oblique Strategy tips
    User maintained Weblinks
It is intended as a place to come for inspiration as well as for people looking to collaborate, compete in remix competitions, create remix competitions, share knowledge in music production/songwriting/arrangement & chat with like-minded individuals and hopefully a few professioinals.

I am 100% motivated to make this community-site work so that people, like me, who are struggling getting past that 4BarLoop stage can learn and mentor each other and hopefully get more fun out of their music creation. I really could do with your help getting the site through the final testing and would welcome any suggestions on improvements and the reporting of any bugs (hopefully they are all eradicated now).

One thing I am keen to test is performance and can only get a good idea if it is throroughly load-tested. So, please, create some remix competitions, upload the remix files, upload your current creations for peoples comments and advice, use the forums, test the personal messaging. It is all there for free and I have 100 Gig bandwidth a month and 7 Gig diskspace to use so why not see what you can do?

I look forward to meeting you all at 4BarLoop.com. Thanks for your time.


P.s. Those bete-testers who have already registered will have to repeat the registration process as the site and database have been completely rewritten since initial testing.


Hi guys and gals,

I take it that the lack of interest means I've either offended people by plugging my website or the idea is not of interest to anyone here.

I apologise if I have offended anyone. I am not trying to steal forum members or anything like that - I am simply trying to get my new venture off the ground as I have put a lot of time, money and effort into this and think it should be an extremely useful tool for inspiration & collaboration.

If you think the website is of no use to you then I'd appreciate it if you could just take 5 minutes whenever you have them available to take a look and let me know what improvements would make the site useful to you.

Thanks again,


A Gruesome Discovery

Active Member
Ditto here. Also, this isn't the most high-traffic forum; the initial message was posted only 24 hours before your second one, during which time there were only about five or six posts in the whole \"Anything But UAD\" section. I'd say give it some time.
I initially didn't read the post when I saw it yesterday because of the title, which prompted me to think: \"Four-bar loop? Pshhh, I've got plenty of those already!\" Now that I've read the description, though, it seems like something interesting.....


My humble apologies,

A schoolboy error lead to me linking to the wrong page - as the site is not yet live the index.php is not the \"index page\". I intended to link to the index.php.

Anyway the above link is fixed and here it is again 4BarLoop.com

I promise to be more patient - it was mainly the number of views the post had that led me to believe I had maybe cheesed people off...

I appreciate the interest and hope to see many of you soon, hopefully you'll find the site useful,



Sadly, left this world before his time.
I don't see why you felt you might be offending anyone, BTW. After all, this forum is just a UAD-1-related forum (with lots of knowledgable people participating of course, making it useful for lots of music-related topics).

Dave Bourke

Active Member
Hey, it's a nice site and a nice vibe. Problem is I'm personally subscribed to too many forums and mailing lists already and I'm in the process of weaning myself off (started with NorthernSounds).

I wanna make music, not read about making music :)

Kind regards.


Has anyone else got any feedback or suggestions for me?

I want to make this site a success and I can't do that if I don't know its shortcomings, so please, some feedback guys...

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