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My experience with Sonar 5.0.1, FF800 and 2 x UAD-1



...and thanks for having me here in this fine location! I know some of you guys have been bashing your head against Sonar and multi-UAD configurations so I thought I would add my experience into the mix.

I recently added a 2nd UAD-1 card to my system which uses a RME FireFace 800 and Sonar v5.0.1. In short, turning off hyper-threading decreased my useable latency settings for normal mixes down from 5.8 to 2.2msec.

A snippet from the email I sent to Cakewalk, Sonar and RME follows.




...I am using an Asus P4P800 Deluxe socket 478 mobo with an Intel 3.04GHz CPU and 2Gig RAM which is updated to the most recent v21 BIOS revision. I am using a Lacie Firewire 1394.b PCI card, (Texas Instruments OHCI controller), and the RME FireFace running the most recent BIOS and driver revisions 2.47 and 2.43. I also have two UAD-1 cards running their v4.2 software and driver. I am using Windows XP SP2 with the Firewire 1394.b hotfix and associated SidSpeed=3 registry hack as per the Microsoft website.

If I run a single track in Sonar v5.0.1 and insert a single UAD-1 FX on the track I can use input monitoring with a 48 sample ASIO latency which gives me 1.1 msec + the FW-800 round trip.

The recorded track will play back with this same configuration.

If I add another UAD effect to a track, (same one or a different one, it doesn't matter), then I begin to get clicks and pops in the audio stream. The only way to resolve this completely is to increase the ASIO latency to 512 samples - 5.8msec + FW 800... This seems to be a threshold limit - track or plugin count didn't matter. Below this point snap, crackled and popped -- above this mark did not.

I then turned OFF hyper-threading in the BIOS, (which disabled the multi-processing engine of Sonar)...

Same situation still applied, but with different thresholds. I am stable playing or tracking with input monitoring on multiple tracks with multiple instances of UAD effects with the latency set down to 96 samples - 2.2 msec + FW...

There is obviously something up with HT + the VST adaptor's implementation of the UAD v4.2 plugs...
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