Native guitar amps???


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Apart from the Fender tweed that was made by UA, I highly doubt it since the UAD versions of all the other plugins were created by other companies who sell their versions(which are the same code) on their own store. No reason to buy the UADx version. And if you’re waiting to get your free versions because you own the DSP version, I think the wait could be long. Since I no longer have an Apollo for my 2021 MBP, I bought one of the Marshall amp from Softube when they had a sale(like everybody).


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Nothing to announce at this time.


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Yeah, I've had everything, sold most of it because the tech just gets better and better. Like mentioned, other than the tweed 57, they are all available native from other companies (and usually on the cheap).

I was big into Genome when it came out, but their auth is awful (I'll save you the long story about what I had to go through. But of course, something else popped up, this:

Home - Blackstar Plugins

:love: It's my new fav until the next one comes out :ROFLMAO: (I'm hopeless with amp sims) I also still use the Morgan by NDSP, and the Benson from Mixwave. You'd think I'd be set!

(The Blackstar is not just metal/high gain, they're really versatile when you get used to them)
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