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Need some advice for bass mixing


I have a song with 6 tracks (2x acc. Guitar, drums, synthi,sitar and bass), where each track sounds good and balanced. Only the bass track gives trouble, because in solo it sounds fine (as I like it), but in the mix loses it's definition.I.e, you can hear the bass, but it's like wading in mud.
I tried nearly all tool available to me (UAD pultec, La2a, realverb ...) and some MB compressors on the bass track and/or master. Still no joy. Any hints/advices are appreciated.


Active Member
Without a listening example it is nearly impossible to give advices.

I guess some of the other instruments are masking the bass in the same frequencies - the bassdrum, synth pads with sub oscillators, the bass notes of the acoustic guitars, etc.
Try thinning out what is not essential on a track (e.g. hi-pass/shelving filter on guitars and/or synths)
Definition of a sound is created by its upper harmonics, so don't be afraid to cut anything that gets too low.


Thanks for the advice. I added a pultec to the guitar track and a reverb to the bass and now (after some balancing) everything seems to sound right.
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