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Neve 1073 suggested settings?

I just purchased the 1073. I have always had a tough time getting bass tracks to sit in my mixes. They alwasy sounded \"flubbery\" This thing is a charm. Nice tight bass now.

Any one care to share some settings they are using on the 1073 for anything????

I find for bass the \"Bass Pick\" setting with the HP set for 80 works great.



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Everything is source related, so it's kind of hard to generalize. I hate the high boost on the 1073 for anything except vocals. It seems like most of the time the problems are in the mid range, so if you need more punch.clarity, try cutting some of the low mids and make sure your kick and bass aren't occupying the same space in the mix and you'll be fine (other wise you'll lose your kick when the bass hits certain frequencies).

If you've got a decent compressor with a sidechain (FMR RNC or Waves C1) you can key the bass with the kick so they lock in a little nicer.

Eric Dahlberg

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For bass, cut at 80 & boost at 110. For most else, cut at 220 & boost at either 3.2 or 4.8. Boost highs on vocals.

As you can see, I normally do a lot of boosting & passing with the Neve. For cutting midrange, I prefer the Sonalksis.


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It's funny how two people can use the same gear totally differently!

What sources do you like it on? I really dig it on acoustic guitars and vocals, I prefer the urs S series on drums / bass.

I always end up cutting the lower mids and getting the same or better results as if i boosted the lows and highs.
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