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Neve 33609 Videos suck, can't read the knobs


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Actually I was not that impressed with the sound in that demo. I will reserve my opinion for actually getting to play with plug.


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I havn't been that impressed with any of the videos, as I recall it. This one is better than usual, I like the sound on the drums.



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shesh but check out how good it sounds even when compressing almost 20dBs! crazy!! I'm taking bets, I say $350

neil wilkes

Venerated Member
makinghits said:
shesh but check out how good it sounds even when compressing almost 20dBs! crazy!! I'm taking bets, I say $350
$250, same as the EQ, and same as the other EQ will be, with a $150 rebate for all 3.


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The video quality is terrible, I have not been able to watch it til the end. They should learn there are better ways to compress and export video.


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$250 like the EQ is pricey, I mean it's just a plugin should an EQ cost more than a complicated gizzmo like the Fairchild or tape echo?

Neve is greedy IMHO..........

But I know I'l probably buy it 'cause it UAD


These videos suck so much it's not even funny. Why the heck don't they use the bypass FAIRLY? I mean, of course it sounds better when the original is like 6dB lower in volume. Duh.. marketing. :roll:

70% of DSP usage for 1 instance? It's about bloody time UA releases a new card.

- bManic


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yeh the demo sounds nice. not sure if im gona jump to buy this at 250 bux a pop, especially cause of its processor hungry characteristics. anyways based off of the quicktime video, it reminds me alot of the sonalksis sv-315 compressor in that it makes things fuller and compressed sounding without pumping or sounding like a compressor.

Tony Ostinato

Active Member
seemed like the SE version didnt sound too bad either, and of course that takes less dsp.


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I love stepped controls, even on virtual stuff. Cuts down on the excess options and pseudo-improvements on negligible parameter adjustments. A buss compressor's exactly what UAD-1 needs, and I can't wait for this. I didn't plump for the EQ though (haven't demo'd it yet either).

Was there going to be three Neve plugins? Like the Roland bundle? What's the last one going to be?


Established Member
bmanic said:
These videos suck so much it's not even funny. Why the heck don't they use the bypass FAIRLY?
LOL. Agreed. It takes the PDC on my machine longer to reset than the amount of time they would have the power 'off' between twiddles. Totally bogus.

Still, the demo will tell all.


Arys Chien

Active Member
I would like to suggest UA strongly, that they use FLASH for later video demos.

I don't care if it LOOKS authentic or not. I only want to know what it's doing to the sound.

A flash demo can be much more clear than a captured-live-from-the-screen video clip.


I also agree about the level thing. If it's louder than the original sound, then it's harder to judge.


It might be the first time that I didn't buy a UA plug-in before even trying out the demo version. Not the end of the world, but the sun not as bright as before.


unfortunately, i didn't much like the sound unprocessed in that video, so very difficult to confirm from that that this is a \"stellar compressor\" as the blurb says. And what's going on in the drums video? I didn't have a clue what all those screen moves were. I'll have to wait until the demo.

What's up if you want to run at 96k? Given that it takes 70% at 44k,does the plugin actually split itself down two cards? I'll bet it won't, as it would be damn difficult to run half of it on one card and the other half on another. Hats off to UA if they manage to pull that one off, although some kind of dual mono might be the answer i suppose.

It's got to be time for a new card. Given that the actual DSP is probably very, very cheap, i'd see no reason for anything less than a 6x power increase since it's been about 6 years now (yes?) since this baby came out.
The people have spoken!

Hi guys,

Thanks for everyone's input ;) Seriously, all comments are welcome, we want to make sure these videos are doing the plug-ins justice.

The size of the 33609 GUI is difficult to read at that level of compression. This will be addressed by the release (which is soon ;) ) In the past, less compressed movies has caused some people to complain that the movies took too long to load. Perhaps it is time to up the bitrate...

As for the mismatched volumes and bypassing too quickly, that was my bad, working too quickly on the drums... But in the 33609SE movie, the idea was to add more volume to the track.

We are looking into Flash for sure. But for those of you who responded to this thread, what video player were you using to view the movies, and did you use MP4 or WMV?

As for ambrose question about how much DSP the 33609 takes at 96k....since the plug-in upsamples internally, it will take a little bit more DSP at 96k, just a few percent. The 33609SE will take twice as much DSP at 96k as it does at 44.1k.

As always, you can email any suggestions about demos to demos@uaudio.com.




Active Member
Thanks for the post Dave, nice to know that UA is lookin at it's \"unofficial forum\"...and how long is it until this thing is released?

...to answer your question, I viewed the video with Windows Media Player on a PC

Arys Chien

Active Member
Glad to see an official response. 8) Especially the explanation for the 33609 @ 96k issue.

As for the flash format, I believe that we can watch flash movies with the Windows Media Player, once the needed components are installed. Is this correct?


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Hi Dave, quicktime here on Mac. I think you can and should simply use a better (heavier) bitrate. Almost everyone has a broadband connection nowadays, so that should be not a problem.
Hello all,

I started a new thread about the movies, I didn't want to see this topic so prominently displayed at the top of the list ;) I have upped the bitrate and improved the quality of the movies.

http://www.chrismilne.com//uadforums/vi ... php?t=5378

To answer soome questions here, I can't say when the 33609 is coming out, per UA policy, but it will be soon...

As far as Flash and WMP compatibility, I am not sure, but we will all know soon, as we are seriously looking into using Flash.


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