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NEVE's!!! By Audix...


Venerated Member
AUDIX 810 Dual pre/EQ
These are by Audix, but are basically a NEVE Pre and EQ
There's a big story behind them, but I don't want to go into that...
They don't say Neve, but are the real deal.
I found them on eBay and thought I'd let someone know...
I don't have the cash to buy them, so it might as well be someone else.
They are one of those \"secret\" thingys.......:wink:
Hopefully no one will find these and you could win them for just a little over 1500.00
I wouldn't go over 1800.00
see here:

Eric Dahlberg

Purveyor of musical dreams fullfilled.
These have the correct early Neve Marinair input transformers, as well, something the reproductions and even many real Neve's are missing. This guy has been trying to sell these pre's for months so they're probably not going to go over $1500.


Venerated Member
On top of that...
Legend has it that at the time AMS's head engineers were under paid, under appreciated and over worked. Audix wanted to \"try\" and take over or at least push there way into the \"Pro Studio\" market. So they ended up hiring almost the entire Development team and Tech team at AMS Neve. (which I think was 1 or 2 people):wink:
They developed a whole line with Audix that aren't just clone's. Yes?
$1500.00 doesn't sound bad at all, for 2. $750 a pop! That's unheard of, in the Neve community. They're already racked with a power supply.
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