New Apollo Twin X Heritage Edition missing extra plugins ?


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I'm a newbie, both to Macs and UAD.
My Twin X Duo arrived Heritage Edition arrived today, and I've been installing/downloading etc
I bought it new from Andertons in the UK, but I'm a bit confused as the plugins to be downloaded don't match what's advertised.
I can see them in UA Connect, but they come up as demos or "Buy Now"
In the main, I mean stuff like the Pultec collection etc.

I have AFAIK registered my interface correctly.
Any ideas ?



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I have this very same issue.
Purchased from Anderson's last Monday, arrived Wednesday. Went through the install process that night but noticed some plugins were missing that were mentioned on Andertons (attached), namely PolyMAX and Opal. It's odd, everything else installed and is usable.
While writing this I thought maybe was to do the the type of plugin - AU, VTS etc. and turned them all on in Ableton prefs so they could all be seen but no joy.
I'll keep plugging away (pun intended) and feed-back if I have any luck.
Might try contacting UA directly next.

Good luck!



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Weirdly enough, I have those, but not UA 1176 Classic Limiter Collection, Teletronix® LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection , Pultec® Passive EQ Collection
UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection, UA Pure Plate Reverb.
I've raised a ticket with support, so I'll see what they say.


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a) you need to register your device on the UAD website; and install the UAD software; then your hardware will be assigned to your "group one" (device one, whatever); in your account once updated you will see a list of your bundled plugins included as base, plus any bonus plugins
b) to authorize the plugins on your machine, you have to click the authorize button on the meter app

If you've done both of those completely, then put in a support ticket with your serial number and they can sort it for you. Just allow a couple of days for that to happen. Check your account on the main website to check what plugins have been "assigned" to your hardware. There will be link "my plugins" or similar, along with "my hardware."


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Actually, I've managed to do just that with everything there that should be there I think.

However, I've managed to install a few demos.
Is it best to uninstall these from Logic, Luna, or is there another way, as I won't be buying anything for the moment ?


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I did have to use UA Connect to get the two synths, amongst some more Luna stuff
Hey thanks!
This was the missing piece of the puzzle for me.
I now have access to PolyMAX & Opal. I just need to close out my ticket with UA now.

Any luck yourself?
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