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New Forum Devoted To Songwriting And Mixing Skills


Established Member
My feeling is that the world needs another general purpose 'music' site like I need another alimony payment. But this is a place for those of you who hate clutter and just want to focus on one thing. (City Slickers anyone?)

And in this case, the 'one thing' is a place to post songs you are working on and get feedback from your peers in order to improve your recording and mixing skills.

The benefits should be obvious:
1. It's way more fun to do music when you do it well. For those of you who say people take this stuff too seriously, I reply:
I don't see those of us taking it seriously having any -less- fun than you. In fact, we're usually having more fun than you, as is often the case when one improves at any hobby.

2. Ya can't get better without feedback. That's just the truth.

3. And ya can't get better without GOOD feedback. So what we are trying to do is gather like minded people who want to work out together---like a gym. Regardless of style. Regardless of current skill level. All are welcome, who have a serious attitude.

4. And ya need a guarantee that when you send out your message in a bottle, people will help you. Nothing is more frustrating than working on something and getting no response; or useless responses or rude responses. ('Great going, Rod! No idea how to help, but keep it up, dude!') You don't need ego stroking. (OK you do -sometimes-). But even more you need someone to tell you the bass sounds crappy (or whatever) in a constructive way. You can usually find someone for a pat on the back. Where ya gonna find someone to tell you, like a friend, to lay off the EQ knobs?

If you have the fortitude to post your stuff and have it reviewed; if you have the desire to improve your listening skills by giving thoughtful consideration of others work; if you have the determination to take what you learn and apply it to your work, then please register and join us here...


To -keep- your account active, you are required to post your own songs and review others according to the rules of the forum.

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