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New here and could really use some delay comp help


New Member
Hi everyone, I am new here to this forum but having been reading and searching through it all day. I'm sure that there are plenty of threads already covering my question, but every attempt to use the search option on the forum led to the system not taking me anywhere, so I opted to just ask you all my question.

I am running a PT 6.4 LE system with two UAD-1 cards and a PoCo PCI and Firewire unit as well.

I think the UAD plugs sound great, or at least the majority of them, but am having trouble figuring out how to really use the delay compensation appropriately, therefore not allowing me to really utilize these great plugs.

If anybody, or as many of you as possible, would be willing to give me the run down on how to handle the delay comp for using UAD plug-ins solo, and then also on how to use it in conjunction with the PoCo delay comp so I can use plugs from both systems simultaneously this would be of great help to me.

Also, feel free to talk as technically as you would like, I have a strong technical background and it is unlikely, though not impossible, that I will get tripped up in trying to read your responses.

Once again, thank you all in advance for your help.

bulls hit

Active Member
On the one occasion I've had to use delay compensation, I just inserted the DC plug on the tracks that didn't have UAD plugs on them. Worked fine


New Member
Holly, thank you for the article link. While I found an error in their tutorial, lol, I do understand the ideas and concepts, especially useful for me when I use groups and sends, wasn't sure how it would all be handled, but I got it.

Now, if somone could just give me the run on using both UAD and PoCo. Should I assume it is exactly the same, just having to run both UAD and PoCo delay comp plugs to handle comping?
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