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This is a new one that is a recurring theme from my current project The Fall Guys with my writing partner Dennis Hansen. It will be part of an upcomming record at present titled 'Another Place...Another Time' . The record is about our life in Texas growing up near the Gulf Coast during the turbulent '60's. It deals with High School, girls, folk music, the Beatles, our first band, his going to Viet Nam, my protesting and staying behind, and our lives afterwards. We tried to capture the sounds of the era, contientuosly writng songs in the 2:20 to 3:15 time range. We currently have 14 songs in various stages of completion with 3 more in the arrangement stage, with hopes of a release date mid summer. I will post more songs on the site as they are closer to completion. Thanks in advance for your comments.

Recorded with Cubase Sx3. I used the LA2A on the Bass which was recorded direct into an Art Pro MPA tube pre, 1176 LN on the Drum kit group with Dreamverb, Realverb Acuoustic Guitar patch on the Acoustic Group, and LA@A on the Master Bus in the Limit mode.

Bells Of Change


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Wow I got to hear some pretty cool music, AND grow back some hair!

I like the tune. I like the sound. Only thing that kinda bugs me is the snare. It sounds as if it was being played by a second drummer in a different room from the other musicians and drums. But a nice cracky tone. ;)

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