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New to the UAD Family


Active Member

Freakin new guy here - I love my new Express pack - I have already started spending money - Big surprise Huh?

Anyway - question for those of you using one card - Initially it looks like I will use the Pultec Pro on the 2 buss, 1176 LN on the snare and Parallel drum buss, Pultec and LA2 on the Bass and finally Plate 140 on the snare. - My card is running at 82% with those active. - Is that enough headroom for those to function \"well\"? Seems pretty high for just those plugs?

I guess I am really looking for work flow ideas for those of you/us who are \"burdened\" with just one card.

Thanks for any feedback - I am stunned at the sound of these plugs :D


Welcome DK!

Your plug/signal selection sounds reasonable. Though I'd use the Plate on a send channel to make it available for other tracks too.

The dsp-headroom needed depends on your system I guess. You should be able to go up to 95% at least. Try adding some of the standard plugs like EX-1 (don't overlook the old stuff!) 'till you get problems and you'll see how far you can go!

On one card, you should try 88rs. Light on dsp and very effective but not that colorful as some of the other goodies.
Anybody here is waiting for UAD-2 btw... May it be a dsp-monster :twisted:


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Sweet - I have the demos active so I will try that one tonight

I am in love with the Pultec - Wow!!


New Member
Run as fast as you can. They are crack dealers. Just installed my 3rd card, and am only missing 3 plugs from ver. 4.7.




Active Member
:D :D :D - I hear you !!

1 week and i am already trying to figure out how to budget for another card :eek: :twisted: :roll:


Welcome to the club. I lasted 4 days before I went to get a second card. I am mixing 21 songs and I have only had to bounce one drum buss down so far. The 88RS on snare and kick works very well. I use a 33609 or 1176 on the drum bus for the color....


New Member
Just installed my 3rd card, and I am eyeing that last open PCI slot. ( do I really need that usb breakout?) :p


Hall of Fame Member
With 1 card I was getting stuck all the time now that I have 2 cards I'm good.
I don't mind bouncing but when I'm writing it slows down things too much.

The 88rs greatly improved the whole UAD situation as well.
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