New Tune: 'Money' 3:30 Of Angry, Distorted Pop


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My first new song in my new home studio. Hooray! So much fun: No cat poop! No 12x12x12 room!

So I laid this one down in basically two sessions. It is feature complete. The problems this time?
1. Tuning. Almost everything is out of tune and done in one take.

2. Distortion. I really overloaded the preamps on the mics and DI so there are nasty overloads all over the place.

3. And don't get me started on the crap solo at the end... A band aid on my finger fell off just as I started playing so I ended up doing one take and then wiping blood off the fingerboard. (Which makes it -real- R&R).

But since it's another of my 'angry' songs I am wondering how much of #1 and #2 really matter. There's no possibility of take matching so if I need to fix a spot on a track I may as well redo the entire track.

Your thoughts?

Go ahead, Willard. Tear 'em up. I can take it.



Woke up this morning just to read what the papers say.
I read a story about girl who washed up the other day.
There was no money for fella so she went away.
Was she reported to the force? Well no one could say.
And when they asked the detectives why their hands are tied?
The answer came back: 'Money'.

I turned my TV on and look at a burning sky
The soldier stood back while ten people cried.
I tell me self it's not us but some other guys
But every explanation that you get is just a lie.
And when you ask at the desk why so many die?
The answer you're given: 'Money'.

You're think you're safe
You think you're all grown
All disconnected from the people you've wronged.
All the writers living now are looking out to see.
Exactly how the best things in life are still free.

You think it's bad?
Well you should see the other guy!
You couldn't tell me so you say I'm just the nervous type.
You made me think that I was simply giving up.
While all your buddies at the club, you just live it up.
And if we ever take a break and wonder why?

Survey says...


You're think you're safe
You think you're long gone. All quarantined from the people you've harmed.
All the writers living now are waiting to see.
Exactly how the best things in life are still free.

Last night I dreamed I died and my soul up and flew away.
I passed the Pearly Gates and walked through clouds along the way.
I stood in line until St. Peter told me I could stay.
I was so happy I got down on my knees and began to pray.
And then they told me there was one thing left...

I have to pay?

(c) 2004 Suntower Music


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Hmmm... 57 views, not one reply....

Makes me -really- want to contribute here.

Oh well.

Mark Edmonds

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I hear groans from Seattle - jeezus, not another of his critiques!

Actually, I'm going to be brief because:

1. I really like the song and I think you've really improved your vocal recording.

2. The *overall* balance comes over well in my room but perhaps just a tad too much on the bottom end but I don't really know how my room works down there anyway so maybe not...

3. I think you need to tame the bass slaps or pulls - they tend to punch out a bit too much, especially one of them which hits with the organ (and is that a cowbell as well?).

4. What is that odd noise during the first guitar solo? Sounds like it could be applause or a mechanical calculator.

5. I think you are always guilty of mixing your guitar solos too low. I didn't think the second solo was crap anyway but now I feel cheated I can't hear the blood on the strings!

6. Is there anyway you could get a bit more space in to the mix? It can sound a bit unrelenting.

7. From an arrangement point of view, I'd consider removing the organ except where it is a main instrument. Personal preference of course.

8. Oh, bring the guitar solos up.

9. Was that a guitar solo? I couldn't hear it! ;) Louder please! :)

10. I *never* noticed any tuning problems if that answers one of your questions.

Anyway, really good song and it sounds to me like the new room is working!



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Not a bit of it. The only 'groans' you may be hearing are my guts complaining about those Teppan Scallops @ the Sushi bar last night here in Vegas. ;)

Yours has -always- been -exactly- the kind of review I value: Detailed. Specific. With a POV. Respectful.

Thanks for taking the time.



Mark Edmonds said:
I hear groans from Seattle - jeezus, not another of his critiques!

Mark Edmonds

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In that case, I am really pleased :)

A wierd thing happened to my room sometime yesterday and it sounds completely different so I had another listen.

#1 Forget about the cowbell comment!

#2 It does sound to me like you deliberately mixed the second guitar solo low - perhaps you were feeling self-concious about it?

#3 Just an idea and I don't know if it is possible but what if you changed the organ for a Wurlitzer piano? The bits where the organ is adding ornamental value might sound slightly crisper which could help reduce the thickness in the mix (what I called relentless earlier). I have a vauge memory from somewhere that you might have the Scarbee Wurlitzer.

#4 Careful with this comment because I am guessing. Could the key to getting more space into the mix be by working on the drums. I've just been listening to that famous opening salvo - When The Levee Breaks - trying to work out how that gels compared to your own. Granted, the contexts are completely different but the only thing I could think of (other than the different room sound) is that the character of your kick is too close to the snare. Is it sample based? Could you try changing it to something with a looser thud and more depth? It sounds to me like the physical depth of the drum is very short. What do they call the cylinder part of a drum anyway?

If anyone thinks I am talking crap, I expect to be told - sow as ye reap, yada yada yada :)

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