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Nigel Amp models user updatable?


Hall of Fame Member
On page 179 of the manual it says: \"Additionally the Amp models are user-updatable so your guitar models will never be obsolete.\"
Does this mean I can load new Amp models into Nigel?


neil wilkes

Venerated Member
I have often wondered about this.
Looks like something that was never bothered with.
Shame - so the question begs \"Why was it even mentioned\"?


Established Member
I dunno how they'd be updatable since none of the amp names are real amps to begin with... unless UA means updatable via software patches they create.


Active Member
All the plugin parameters are in the registry


better not complain guys the complaint police might get you.
just remember that everything is perfect and if there is an issue of any kind it will magically work itself out. :p you will see, as long as no one ever mentions this UA will realize they should come through on the features discussed in the manual. but if you mention it the MAGIC cant happen :(


there are a lot of people that complain about people who have complaints about the UAD-1 and UA. They live in a dream world where they think things magically get taken care of without end user involvment.

i was making fun of them.
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