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Venerated Member

I used this for my first time on Saturday (with a guitar that is). Plugged in the guitar, selected a preset and I was VERY impressed. I've used Guitar Rig in the past and loved this, but I found Nigel instantly gratifying. I wasn't expecting much as I rarely read anyone bigging it up.

I'm not a regular guitarist and have never really got into mic'ing up cabs and amps, so maybe I'm non the wiser.

I simply enjoyed the sound, with minimum of fuss and found the sound inspiring, which is what it is all about.

Nice one UA :D



Active Member
I agree, I even used it once for a vocal treatment :oops: :wink:


Hall of Fame Member
I agree i use the Preflex section a lot, on vocals and synths. Don't know if it sounds real but it sure sounds good.

Ben Logan

Active Member
The amp and cab models sound flat and fake to me. The individual effects, however, get lots of use from me: phasor, trem/mod/fade (especially this one), gate/comp, etc - these little guys are gems.

Glad you like it as a guitar-amp sim though. Each to his own. :)


Venerated Member
I wouldn't know how different the real deal would be, but I would expect it to be hugely different. For a freebie with the card and the fact I don't have heaps of cabs / amps taking up all my studio sapce (and the mic'ing of these up), it works a treat for getting down demos (or even full tracks, depending on taste) :D

Agree with you. Put some roland effects too for an amazing sound.
I'll be buying the roland plugs and the precision plugs as I mostly make electronic music. I have also had success mixing these with liquidmix eq's.
The Neve plugins don't do a massive amount for me yet - but I have to explore them more.
But yeah Nigel is really good as an incuded plugin.


Established Member
It's just another sound./

As I get older and dowdier I realise how much tastes change. I used to think my DX7 sounded great. Then it sounded like a toy. Now it sounds great again. Same with every piece of gear I've got from DanElectro to MXR to Electro-Harmonix to.... <whatever>.

MORAL: I shoulda kept every stinkin' piece o' crap gear I've ever bought (probably take some aircraft hangar.)

At some point, the sounds you think suck will turn out to be -fantastic-. Except it will be someone else who makes it happen, of course. :mrgreen:

Want an example? In 1977 if someone told me that the most important bass sound of the past 20 years might just be a straight SINE WAVE I would've laughed in his/her face.

So, yeah, there are some good things in Nigel. Just like -everything-, basically. Tough to figure out though---crappy GUI.


bulls hit said:
I've always though Nigel was the poor relation to the other 'free' plugs. I'll have to give it another shot


Established Member
In the end its what you do with it in the mix that matters. That's when you can define X to be superior to Y. Until then, its just a bunch of knobs.

Eric Dahlberg

Purveyor of musical dreams fullfilled.
The speaker emulation section is very cool. I just wish Preflex could be switched to native mode the way TC Thirty can in order to avoid the latency.


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tkingen said:
I've been using preflex to process DI'd bass. Sounds great!
+1 :wink:


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Fairlight said:
replicant said:
tkingen said:
I've been using preflex to process DI'd bass. Sounds great!
+1 :wink:
Thanks for this tip guys... I'd never have thought in a million years to do this :D
At least I've always found it easier to dial in that great bass sound with a dual EQ setup as in Preflex. 8)
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