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No Output to Monitor



I purchase my first UAD-1 card in the form of a Project Pack yesterday.

I installed the software in my Pentium 4 / Windows XP equipped PC and once completed closed down my PC.

I then installed the card in a PCI slot and rebooted the PC.

The PC makes all the right sounds when it is booting but there is nothing going to my PC monitor.

I've tried taking out the UAD-1 card but this does not fix the monitor problem.

Has anyone experienced anything similar and can give me some advice please?



Sadly, left this world before his time.
Did you check if your graphics card was slightly moved during the installation of the UAD-1? Make sure it sits firmly in its slot.


Thanks Akis

The motherboard actually has an in build graphics card which I'm using. I'm wodering if a conflict has been created between the two.



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Make sure any other PCI cards and RAM are firmly seated -- if a little jiggling around doesn't do the trick, pull everything out and put it back together... If you still have problems, there may be bigger issues at hand. If so:

Do the lights on your keyboard briefly flash after powerup? Pretty sure this is one of the first steps in the POST process after critical system I/O bus devices are initialized -- so if they flash your computer is making is past the initial voltage protection checks and the like, and I'd suspect issues specific to the video card.

If they don't flash something is setting you off into protection mode -- I'd suspect an issue with the mobo chipset, RAM, or PCI card seating. You could try POSTing with 1 stick of RAM at a time (assuming you have more than 1), that may point toward a bad memory module if there is one.

Most electronics are more resilliant then you'd think, given some care, so explore every option before assuming you've fried your system.
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