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No recognizing hardware on Mac Pro


Established Member
Hi guys -
I just installed my UAD-1 PCIe card in my new Mac Pro. I realize that the Universal Binary isn't available until 4.4, but I wanted to install the card in order to get my new hardware ID. I'm selling my PCI card, and I didn't want to transfer the liscense until I got my new one installed. I knew I wouldn't be able to use the plugs yet, but I thought I could at least install the card. When I click on the UAD-1 Meter, it says that it can't find any hardware...I'm trying to use the UAD meter from 4.3, so I don't know if it can't find the hardware because it's 4.3 or if there's some other problem. I guess my other question is, how do I find out what my hardware ID is?

Giles117 DP

Active Member
Like most vendors they have not coded for the macpro UB yet.. There are subtle differences, like true 64 bit Intel Zeon chips, etc....

DO you see the hardware in your Apple Profiler?? Of so, you'll be fine when they actually code for it....


Active Member
I think that you cannot see the hardware id with the uad1 software because it's not UB yet. The driver must support the x86 os first in order to see the hardware. I remember when I upgraded to tiger and the uad software couldn't see anything before the new driver was available.


Active Member
i think it is way too much to expect to think that non-Intel coded software will work at a hardware level with a pci-e card.

if it shows up in Apple System Profiler, then the logic board has recognised the card.. just hang in till the end of the month and the software should be available.

be very careful to completely remove the existing non-intel installation before you install 4.4

since the installations may not be equivalent in terms of the exact files they use and the locatiosn of the files, and since the 4.4 intel version will not expect to upgrade a non-intel version, you will need to be careful about creating some kind of conflict?

let us know how you get on with the intel plugs though - i;m looking forward to more efficient routing with pci-e and fast processing - lower latencies!

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